Wednesday Breakouts

A Success Story: Reaching the Non-English Speaking Community of Chicago

Sandy Leith, IL SHIP; Grace Nawakowski, CLESE; Eliza Chan, Chinese American Service League; and Jason Echols, IL SMP – Presentation

Building Hospice Complex Interaction Cases

Sandy Morales, CA SMP and Mike Klug, SMP Resource Center - Presentation

CMS Programs Targeting Beneficiaries with Low Income or Otherwise Dually Eligible

Kell Dixon, Humana LI NET and Julie Jones, CMS Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office - Presentation

Deep Dive: A Case Study Group Analysis

Casey Schwarz, Esq. and Emily Whicheloe, Medicare Rights Center - Presentation

Grants Just Want to Have Funds, But Monitoring Counts

Charlene Allen, ACL; Nancy Moore, IN SMP; Tari Muñiz, MI DHHS Aging; and Jo Murphy, MI MMAP - Presentation 1, Presentation 2

Grants Management and Amendments

Barbara McCoy, Phil McKoy, and Sara Vogler, ACL - Presentation

KEPRO - Beneficiary and Family Centered Care Quality Improvement Organization (QIO)

Lucia Shah, KEPRO - Presentation

Introduction to STARS Reports

Leslie Green, ACL; Ginny Paulson, and Dennis Smithe , SHIP Resource Center - Presentation

Medicare Training: Building Partnerships and Advanced Skills

David Lecik, IL SHIP/MIPPA; Gloria Rhode, ME SMP; and Anne Smith, ME Legal Services for the Elderly - Presentation 1, Presentation 2, Presentation 3, Presentation 4, Presentation 5, Presentation 6, Presentation 7, Presentation 8

Native American Outreach: What’s Behind the Resistance

Ray Walker, OK SHIP Director and Lacey Boven, ACL - Presentation

Practical Tips to Assist Beneficiaries Determine How to Choose Between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Judith Stein and Kathleen Holt, Center for Medicare Advocacy - Presentation 1, Presentation 2 

SIRS and STARS: Now what?

Rebecca Kinney and Stacey Platte, ACL; Ginny Paulson, SHIP TA Center; Heather Flory, SMP Resource Center - Presentation

SMP Casework Trends, Tips, and Tricks

Barbara McCoy and Sara Vogler, ACL - Presentation

Volunteer Risk and Program Management: Exciting ideas

Michelle Boudreau, RI SHIP/SMP and Rebecca Hayward, OH SHIP - Presentation

When is Enough, Enough: How to Tell Whether Your VHOs have Implemented VRPM

Steve McCurley, Consultant, SHIP and SMP Centers - Presentation