Data & Insights from Research about Supports for Low-Income Older Adults: Implications for SHIPs

Lauren Popham, Samantha Zenlea, and Ann Kayrish, National Council on Aging - Presentation

Deep Dive: A Case Study Group Analysis

Casey Schwarz, Esq. and Emily Whicheloe, Medicare Rights Center - Presentation

DMEPOS and DME Marketing

Tangita Daramola, CMS - Presentation

Grants Just Want to Have Funds, But Monitoring Is a Must

Charlene Allen, ACL; Anne Chansler, FL SHINE/SMP/MIPPA; and Wanda Brown, NV SHIP/MIPPA - Presentation

Introduction to STARS Reports

Leslie Green, ACL; Ginny Paulson, and Dennis Smithe, SHIP Resource Center - Presentation

Let’s Talk about Funding!

Josh Hodges, ACL - Presentation

Outreach Panel - Medical Provider Partnerships/Videos

Kris Gross, IA SHIP and Renee Labrie-Shanks, MT SMP - Presentation

TRAX — A Sneak Preview of the NEW SMP Training Tracker

Heather Flory and Sara Lauer, SMP Resource Center - Presentation

When is Enough, Enough: How to Tell Whether Your VHOs have Implemented VRPM

Steve McCurley, Consultant, SHIP and SMP Centers - Presentation