My Health Care Tracker

My Health Care Trackers are fraud-fighting tools that are available for free to beneficiaries through the SMP program. The trackers help beneficiaries prevent, detect, and report suspected Medicare fraud, errors, or abuse. These booklets were formerly known as the Personal Health Care Journals.

My Health Care Trackers offer:

  • A place for people to record health care products and services received and take notes about appointments
  • Instructions on how to compare the health care services, tests, and/or medical equipment items documented in the tracker to what was billed on their Medicare statements
    • This may reduce the amount the beneficiary owes
    • This may detect if medical identities have been stolen
    • Finding and reporting inaccuracies when reading Medicare statements protects the Medicare program for generations to come
  • A list of important contacts, such as Medicare and Social Security 
  • An explanation about SMP work, including how SMPs work with people one-on-one, educate them in group education and exhibits, and engage volunteers
    • A description about volunteering for SMP, including all the roles that volunteers perform 
  • A page about the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), including when and how to contact the SHIP  

The My Health Care Tracker documents are provided in two formats: vertical and horizontal.


  • 3 3/4 x 8 11/16 folded
  • 48 pages long, plus cover, for a total of 52 pages
  • Five pages of notes and 36 pages to document appointments 


  • 8 x 5 folded
  • 64 pages long, plus cover, for a total of 68 pages
  • Five pages of notes and 52 pages to document appointments

The My Health Care Tracker documents are provided in Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Take a look!

Here is an example of the My Health Care Tracker in the vertical view.

Note: This is a condensed version with fewer appointment listings and notes pages..

To receive your My Health Care Tracker, contact your local SMP