Medicare Card Scams

Medicare Card Scams

In 2018, Medicare updated the Medicare card from containing a person’s Social Security number to a random identifier that includes numbers and letters. That was the last time the card was updated and there is no plan to update it again.

The card from Medicare is a paper card that has a blue banner on the top, a white middle, and a red banner on the bottom. However, you can print your own in black and white.

Report potential Medicare card scams if:

  • Someone calls you claiming:
    • You are getting a new, plastic Medicare card.
    • Medicare is switching to a card with chip in it.
    • It’s a new year so you need a new card.
    • You need a black and white card.
    • They need your Medicare number to see if you have received your new one yet.
    • They need you to verify your Medicare number so they can confirm you have the correct Medicare card.

Report Suspected Fraud

To report suspected fraud, click here.

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