Durable Medical Equipment Fraud

Durable medical equipment (DME) and orthotics companies offer a valuable service by providing wheelchairs, surgical supplies, catheters, and respiratory nebulizers as well as nutrition and tube feeding supplies and other health care equipment. DME and/or orthotics are considered medical equipment prescribed by your doctor that can withstand repeated use, serve a medical purpose, and can be used in the home. However, many fraudulent companies across the country are charging Medicare beneficiaries for this equipment without showing the medical necessity and sometimes without even sending the equipment to the beneficiaries.

Report potential DME fraud, errors, or abuse if:

  • You see on your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) charges for equipment you do not need or did not receive
  • You accepted an offer for “free” equipment or supplies but see Medicare was billed instead
  • You receive medical equipment or supplies that you never requested or that you do not need
  • You see on your loved one's MSN or EOB suppliers billing Medicare for items after they passed away
  • A supplier requests your Medicare number at a presentation, during a sales pitch, or in an unsolicited phone call
  • A beneficiary knowingly accepts money, gifts, or unnecessary equipment and supplies from a supplier in exchange for their Medicare number
  • A supplier delivers an off-the-shelf product to you but billed Medicare for a more costly product
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